HVAC Optimization Solution

Optimum Energy’s new OptimumEDGE product is a patented, quick-start HVAC optimization solution that shaves energy use by 13 percent on average — and cuts water use as well — without affecting building operations or occupant comfort. OptimumEDGE gives commercial building operators affordable access to patented technology in OptimumLOOP, Optimum Energy’s advanced chiller-plant optimization solution for large commercial facilities. OptimumEDGE is engineered for buildings that have up to three chillers with a combined cooling capacity of 400 to 2,000 tons. Benefits go beyond energy and water savings. OptimumEDGE extends equipment life by operating chillers, pumps, cooling towers and the other mechanical chiller plant components more efficiently. It also prevents performance drift and provides valuable insights into plant operations. Facilities that install OptimumEDGE can earn LEED and Energy Star points.

Optimum Energy