UH Manoa Saves on Energy Costs

HONOLULU — The University of Hawaii at Manoa (UH Manoa) has saved $3.4 million in energy costs in 2014 alone, the school confirmed on Jan. 20.

Since 2007, the campus has saved more than 9 percent on its projected energy costs. This was achieved through strategic air conditioning-, lighting- and building control-retrofitting projects. For the school, this was a major accomplishment, considering Manoa added 300,000 square feet in new buildings.

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Advanced Energy Capital Signs Funding Deal with Renew Energy Partners

NEW YORK — Advanced Energy Capital (AEC) of Brooklyn has signed an agreement with and Renew Energy Partners of Boston to provide funding up to $25 million in energy and water efficiency and on-site clean energy retrofit projects in commercial, institutional and industrial (CI&I) buildings.

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Empire State Energy Program Saves $7.5 Million

NEW YORK — An energy efficiency program at the iconic Empire State Building has generated about $7.5 million in savings over the past three years.

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