Texas Company Looks to Conquer North American Bio-fuels Market

HOUSTON — H2Diesel enlisted the renewable-energy financing expertise of eBarton to launch the company’s alternative bio-fuel Throughout North America.

Prompted by an increase in bio-fuels consumption, the company sought eBarton’s assistance in marketing its bio-fuel to utilities and independent power producers.

Houston-based H2Diesel holds an exclusive manufacturing license to proprietary alternative bio-fuel technology that produces bio-fuel from renewable vegetable oils and animal fats.

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Oil from Algae?

There was recent news about the discovery of 200 marine dead zones all over the world. These dead zones occur when water becomes devoid of oxygen because algae have consumed it. The algae create the oxygen deficit because of their ability to prosper in polluted water that kills off all other marine life but them. With no competitors or predators to curb their numbers, the algae are free to grow uncontrolled and consume oxygen.

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