New York Building to be the Country’s Healthiest Office Building

NEW YORK — A new office building at 425 Park Avenue in New York is currently under construction and will be one of the nation’s first commercial office towers to be WELL Building Standard-certified. WELL standards set guidelines focused on human health and wellness for the design and construction of a building.

The developer, L&L Holding, reached out to Cerami & Associates in 2012 during the initial planning phase of the project to ask for help with acoustics and noise control that would help employee comfort in the building. With the help of Cerami & Associates, Tishman Construction will be able to focus on making the tower WELL Building Standard certified. The developer will have help from architecture firm Foster+Partners, lighting engineer, Susan Tillotson, Engineering firm, WSP and collaborating Architecture firm AAI Architects, P.C. along with additional consultants.

The $1.1 billion Manhattan tower will have 670,000 square feet of office space, designed and constructed to help employee productivity and comfort. 425 Park Avenue’s construction should be completed in the next 18 to 24 months, with no date of occupancy currently set.

Victoria Cerami, CEO of Cerami & Associates said, “The project team for 425 Park is thinking beyond sustainability. Cerami & Associates is proud to be a part of this distinctive project, and to be working with innovative groups like L&L Holding and Foster+Partners. Occupant wellness is more than just a trend: it’s the most important aspect of the built space. As acoustics experts we contribute to healthy and productive workplaces by reducing unwanted noise from both inside and outside of the building.”

Cerami & Associates and Foster+Partners are working hard to design a building that will create a comfortable, healthy and soothing environment for future offices. Whether they are working, or enjoying any of the planned amenities in the building, the team will be working to reduce the noise from both the inside mechanical systems and the noise from the city outside.