Water Source Heat Pumps

New A-Vintage horizontal and vertical water source heat pumps from Mammoth provide industry-leading energy efficiency in geothermal and boiler/tower heating and cooling applications. With an energy efficiency ratio of up to 21 and a coefficient of performance of up to 5.6, the pumps can help lower energy consumption, operating costs and the carbon footprint of an HVAC system over its life cycle.  In addition, the units can contribute to higher energy rebates and help earn the maximum eligible points for optimizing energy efficiency in pursuit of LEED certification.
Several control options are available to meet different needs for system monitoring and management, including the HP-5 controller designed for easy, reliable and stand-alone control, and a standard DDC controller that can be customized to meet any sequence of operation required in standalone mode or while connected to a Building Automation System (BAS) that uses industry-standard protocols (BACnet, Modbus, N2 and LONTALK). An optional EPiC!" controller combines a software approach that works over a wide range of control protocols with specific hardware interconnection tools.