Data Centers Aim for Energy Efficiency

MINNEAPOLIS — Renewable energy used to help power data centers is increasingly gaining interest, according to a new survey from Minneapolis-based Mortenson Construction.

Mortenson surveyed corporate data center executives, data center developers and operators, and IT providers at the 2014 Data Center World Conference, which took place last September in Orlando. A majority — 84 percent — of respondents believe there is a need to consider renewable forms of energy, such as wind and solar, to manage energy needs, specifically power and cooling costs.

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Apple Quietly Patents New Wind Turbine Concept

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Though it happened in the summer of 2011, reports only recently surfaced that computing giant Apple quietly stuck its toe into the green energy market and tested the waters. We’re used to seeing Apple work on smaller scale technologies, but this time the company applied for a patent involving a wind turbine that generates electricity from heat energy rather than from the rotational motion of its blades.

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Greening the Cloud: Data Centers Slowly Embrace Efficiency

Cloud computing has widely been viewed as a phenomenon that will lead to a “greening” of the business sector by enabling companies to “go paperless,” but many of the facilities that provide the digital storage for these services are beginning to develop a reputation for being inefficient. The sheer volume of data centers being built throughout the world makes their cumulative impact massive. The need to keep staggering amounts of servers and equipment cool can lead to a very large carbon footprint.

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