President’s Budget Proposes $27.2 Billion to DOE, $8.3 Billion to EPA

WASHINGTON — The president’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2013 includes $27.2 billion in discretionary funds to the Department of Energy and $8.3 billion to the Environmental Protection Agency, making up 15 percent and 22 percent of the total $3.8 trillion budget proposed budget, respectively.

The Department of Energy’s proposed budget is 3.2 percent more than last year’s, while the EPA’s proposed budget was 1.2 percent below the 2012 level.

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Pilot Initiative Bolsters Business-National Lab Relationship

WASHINGTON — As part of a presidential effort to help U.S. businesses create jobs and strengthen their competitiveness,  the Department of Energy announced a pilot initiative to reduce some of the hurdles that prevent companies from working with national laboratories by speeding up the transfer of federal research and development from the laboratory to the marketplace.

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GAO Reviews Green Federal Initiatives

WASHINGTON — In an effort to determine the benefits of interagency cooperation, the U.S. Government Accountability Office conducted a review of current initiatives by federal agencies to foster green building in the nonfederal sector, and determine what is known about the results of the initiatives.

The agency identified 94 initiatives implemented by 11 agencies, with 18 initiatives by the Environmental Protection Agency and 17 by the Department of Energy.

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