Green Technology Market to Reach $60 Billion

WELLESLEY, Mass. — Energy-efficient technologies around the world earned $36.3 billion in 2013 and jumped to $41 billion in 2014, according to a new report from BCC Research in Wellesley.

The September 2014 report, “Energy-Efficient Technologies for Commercial Building Construction,” said the global market for energy efficient technologies is expected to grow to more than $60 billion by 2019.

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Q&A: Insulation Trends That Save on Energy

In commercial buildings, energy efficiency is the simplest and most cost-effective way to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, according to the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association. The association notes that insulation currently in place in U.S. buildings reduces the amount of carbon dioxide by 780 million tons each year.

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PSE&G Petitions to Extend Energy Efficiency Program

NEWARK, N.J. — Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G), New Jersey’s largest utilities provider, wants the state to spend $110 million and extend an energy efficiency program that benefits hospitals, multi-family housing units, nonprofits and government agencies.

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