Wethersfield High School Highlights Technological, Sustainable Upgrades

WETHERSFIELD, Conn. — Before a recent $85 million renovation at Wethersfield High School, the facility lacked both modern technology and space for spectators during athletic events. Following the completion of a 286,000-square-foot renovation earlier this month, students and staff can enjoy technological improvements as well as new sustainable features.

Designed by Farmington, Conn.-based Quisenberry Arcari and built by Torrington, Conn.-based Owen G. Industries, the construction project broke ground in 2013. One of the most notable changes can be seen in the expanded gymnasium that features new male and female locker rooms as well as space for approximately 900 spectators. The new gymnasium also includes a trophy case and snack bar located next to the gym’s entrance.

In addition, the updated facility also includes a rooftop greenhouse to lower the building’s temperature during summer months while offsetting its carbon footprint.

Other changes can be seen in the school’s music wing that now includes acoustic-enhancing ceiling panels as well as practice rooms, storage space for musical instruments, and even a state-of-the-art recording studio that can accommodate individuals or groups.

Technological improvements include a television studio that comes equipped with broadcast and reporting technology that students can use to create weekly video announcements to address the student body.

“I think there are people who think technology is extraneous, but we will utilize it,” Michael Emmett, the school’s superintendent, said in an interview with the Hartford Courant.

The renovation also included a new cafeteria with a maximum capacity of 300 as well as a new auditorium that can be used for dynamic performances that involve the student body.

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