Rainforest Alliance Offers Guide to Green Building Wood Sources

WASHINGTON — To assist architects and contractors in finding green wood building products, from doors and decking to flooring and furniture, the Forest Stewardship Council has compiled the “SmartGuide to Green Building Wood Sources.” The guide, a comprehensive listing of all FSC-certified suppliers in North America, including contact, company and product information, can be downloaded for free at www.rainforestalliance.org/greenbuilding.

The “SmartGuide” is part of a Rainforest Alliance effort to link green building and environmental demand for FSC-certified products with an ever-increasing supply. “FSC-certified wood now enjoys a sizeable market share, thanks to the millions of acres of forests that have achieved certification in recent years,” says Frank Judd, the Rainforest Alliance’s market development manager. “It’s time to raise market awareness of the wide array of FSC-certified building products available today.”

As architects, designers and contractors increasingly seek LEED rating for buildings, they can earn credit toward that rating by using FSC-certified wood products. But until now, many have not sought to earn this particular credit because sourcing certified wood has proven to be difficult and time-consuming.

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