Michigan Green Schools Honors Hundreds of Recipients

WAYNE, Mich. — A major honor was bestowed upon schools in Michigan’s Wayne County. Michigan Green Schools honored 131 Wayne County Schools for its efforts in green-sanctioned activities throughout the school year. Some of the activities included recycling, Earth Day commitments and implementing a school energy-saving program, to name a few.

Students and staff accumulate the points throughout the year in order to be qualified as a Michigan Green School. Each activity earns the school one point, and a total of 10 points earns the school its green school honor.

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GBI Launches Sustainable Interiors Certification Program

PORTLAND, Ore. — The nonprofit Green Building Initiative (GBI) launched on June 9 a new certification program that focuses on the sustainable design and construction of interior spaces in commercial and institutional buildings.

The new Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors, allows both building owners and individual lessees of commercial spaces to pursue the certification and to focus on designing or improving their interior space to Green Globes standards without having to certify the entire building.

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Non-profit Launches Commercial Certification Program

PORTLAND, Ore. — Earth Advantage Institute (EAI) recently launched a new version of its commercial green building certification program, Earth Advantage Commercial (EAC). The new program will offer certification for commercial buildings smaller than 100,000 square feet, which accounts for 95 percent of all commercial structures. EAI is a nonprofit organization that offers educational resources such as certification programs and professional training in the green building sector. It also runs several certification programs for sustainable homes, communities and commercial offices.

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