Café Renovation Increases Efficiency

PHILADELPHIA — A café at the University of Pennsylvania’s business school recently received LEED Gold certification, a part of the design firm’s overall plan to increase the efficiency of the hall.

Joe’s Cafe, the Wharton School’s LEED Gold for Commercial Interiors project, is located in Steinberg Hall – Dietrich Hall, which houses administration, several academic department offices, Wharton faculty offices, conference rooms, and teaching spaces.

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Sustainable Dining, At a Hospital Near You

VANCOUVER, Wash. — Two hospitals in Clark County, Washington, have been exploring ways to support local growers and offer fresher and healthier food options to patients and visitors. It’s part of move toward relying on increasingly local, and oftentimes sustainable, farms. It’s also part of a national trend toward improved experiences for those who come to the hospital as patients or visitors, or, in some cases, as diners.

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