Princeton Day School’s Partnership with Emerald Brand Improves Sustainability

PRINCETON, N.J. — Princeton Day School, a private coeducational day school located in Princeton, recently announced a partnership that will bring sustainable products to its campus. The partnership with Emerald Brand, an environmentally friendly manufacturer of sustainable disposable products, based in Syosset, N.Y., will help the school focus more on reducing its carbon footprint.

The products from Emerald Brand support Princeton Day School’s green initiatives and include tree-free bathroom tissue, recycled garbage liners, green-seal certified chemicals and hand soap, and sustainable hand towels. By working with Emerald Brand, Princeton Day School intends to lower costs and place sustainability at the top of its priority list.
“These are really functional products; some are even better than what we used before,” said Gene Hartway, the custodial foreman of Princeton Day School in a statement released by Emerald Brand. “We aren’t sacrificing quality because they’re green and sustainable.”
Princeton Day School is a member of the Green Schools Alliance (GSA), a program that strives to bring sustainability to schools while educating students and staff on the importance of selecting environmentally efficient goods and appliances.

The Green Schools Alliance helped Princeton Day School organize and outline a plan to make the school more sustainable. By following a list of guidelines and suggestions offered by the Green Schools Alliance, Princeton Day School eliminated waste and saved money. In fact, the alliance used a GSA purchasing solution to match Princeton Day School and Emerald Brand to help the school meets its goal of increasing sustainability efforts.

“Our partnership with Princeton Day School is an example of two institutions with very similar missions and mindsets to educate and to communicate the importance of sustainability in everyday life,” said Ralph Bianculli Jr., managing director of Emerald Brand, in a statement. “We are very proud to work with such a well-renowned and forward-thinking institution.”

Princeton Day School plans to save approximately 38 trees, 4,426 pounds of virgin fiber, 12,209 gallons of water and 4,428 pounds of plastic material within the first year of converting to Emerald Brand’s sustainable program, according to a statement.

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