AECOM Commits to Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions

LOS ANGELES — AECOM, a fully integrated global infrastructure firm based in Los Angeles, announced on August 10 that it is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020. To achieve this goal, the company will focus on its largest sources of emissions, which includes fleet vehicle fuel, purchased electricity and heating and cooling for offices.

“Together with other leading companies, we recognize the business opportunity connected with this global effort,” said Josh Sawislak, AECOM’s global director of resilience, in a statement. “This is more than just being a good corporate citizen. It’s smart business to reduce our costs and position us for a sustainable future environmentally and financially.”

The transition to environmentally friendly operations is consistent with company’s goal to build a better world while reducing waste and lowering its carbon footprint.

“Our company is built around the power of connected expertise and collaboration to reimagine and create new potential for built and natural environments,” said Michael S. Burke, AECOM’s chairman and chief executive officer, in a statement.

One of the most notable projects AECOM is currently in charge of is the Golden 1 Center, a multi-purpose indoor arena, currently under construction in downtown Sacramento, Calif. The project helped Golden 1 Center achieve a net-zero energy goal by using solar power and conserving 700,000 gallons of water through low-flow toilets and water-efficient features.

A second major project AECOM is currently involved in is Gateway WA, a highway and interchange upgrade project located Perth, Australia. This will be the first road project in Australia to earn an excellent rating from the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia for its socially and environmentally responsible design.

The third major project AECOM is currently involved with is the Kuala Lumpur Centre for Sustainable Innovation. This project is a joint venture between AECOM and the Malaysian government that focuses on uniting the public and private to develop innovative and sustainable solutions designed to improve.


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