JLL Shows Commitment to Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship

JLL, a fortune 500 company that specializes in investment management and specialized real estate services, has reinforced its commitment to global sustainability and corporate citizenship. It has emphasized its focus on having a sustainable business plan, and has laid out its practices in their 2014 Global Sustainability Report titled, “Our Cities, Our Future.”

The report demonstrates the firms positive impact on its client service, energy and resources, green building strategies, community service, and workplace well-being and diversity in its services world-wide. The report also validates the increasing influence that ethical business practices has on sustaining long term client relationships and shows that businesses have started to place value on ethical principles.

Colin Dyer, President and CEO of JLL has said, “Sustainability is a key driver for improved performance, allowing us to extend better service offerings to our clients, better value to our shareholders and better career opportunities to our employees.” This is why the company puts so much value on the sustainability of their company.

JLL currently has the best practices in the business when following guidelines such as the Global Reporting Initiative, the International Integrated Reporting Council’s IR Framework, and the United Nations Global Impact. In case studies and client testimonials, JLL’s environmental and socially sustainable operations have had a significant impact on the ethical enterprise.

In their 2014 Global Sustainability Report, JLL was noted to have excellent client service and was engaged with 58 sustainability organizations both globally and locally, such as the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark. The report shows that JLL has great diversity among the company as well, with 35 percent of employees and 27 percent of directors being women. They have spent $263 per employee for professional training and development in 2014, which is up from the $235 they spent in the previous year.

The company also focuses on the community and in the past year, employees across the world have volunteered a total of 4590 days in local communities and charitable giving has reached $4.8 million. They have saved around $47 million in energy costs with is a 27 percent increase in savings from the year before.

JLL is also committed to green buildings and has employed 1531 accredited professionals to deliver energy savings for clients and JLL. In all 17 percent of JLL’s corporate offices featured a green building certification and a further 47 percent of JLL’s offices have used green building principles.

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