Orange County Plans Sustainable Jail

ORANGE COUNTY, N.C. — Orange County recently selected Moseley Architects of Charlotte, N.C., to design the new Orange County Detention Facility. The new jail aims to improve both energy efficiency and mental health care for inmates.

While design is still in its earliest phases, the new jail will likely include a number of sustainable features and cost approximately $20 million. It will replace the current Orange County Jail, which was originally constructed in 1925.

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Marine Camp Houses Military’s First LEED Mess Hall

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The French Creek Mess Hall at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune is the military’s first LEED Platinum-certified dining facility.

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Greening Correctional Facilities: Water Efficiency & Conservation


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Community Ties

Green Schools Offer New Lessons

In the new age of green buildings, input from school officials, parents and the community is crucial to ensure that a new facility is designed with components that are the most beneficial to the people it serves. Environmentally friendly bells and whistles are rendered irrelevant and sometimes become costly add-ons if they are not understood, accepted and harnessed by the community.

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