Steam Cleaner

The new Nora pro steamer from Nora Systems Inc. provides commercial facilities with a non-disruptive cleaning method that relies on steam to deep clean in occupied spaces. The Nora pro steamer uses distilled water to create a super-heated dry steam that is delivered under pressure at more than 150 degrees Celsius. The steam loosens dirt, grease and sticky oils from flooring surfaces, while the high temperature of the steam deep cleans and emits no VOCs or associated smells, contributing to improved indoor air quality. A single tank of water can clean approximately 4,000 square feet of flooring. Because the tank is not pressurized, water can be refilled at any time during the cleaning process without waiting for the machine to cool down, eliminating delays and allowing for continuous workflow. The Nora pro steamer also uses a specially designed microfiber pad that does not become saturated as it absorbs dirt.

Nora Systems Inc.


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