Massachusetts Ranked No. 1 State for LEED-Certified Buildings

WASHINGTON — Massachusetts is currently ranked No. 1 for state’s with the most LEED-certified projects, with 136 projects representing 3.73 square feet of certified space per resident, according to the USGBC. They moved from third in 2015 to first place this year. As the current leader in LEED, Massachusetts will host Greenbuild 2017 in Boston this November — the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green buildings, according to a recent statement from USGBC.

This ranking by the USGBC (now in its 7th year) ranks states by determining the total square feet of LEED-certified space per resident based on U.S. Census data and includes commercial and institutional green building projects certified during 2016. According to USGBC, LEED-certified spaces use less energy and water resources, save money for families, businesses and taxpayers, reduce carbon emissions, and create a healthier environment for residents, workers and the larger community.

A few notable projects certified in Massachusetts in 2016 include The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, awarded the LEED Silver; The Plains Elementary School in South Hadley, awarded the LEED Silver; and 101 Seaport at Seaport Square in Boston, receiving LEED Platinum.

LEED has become highly influential regarding how buildings and communities are constructed, planned, maintained and operated. Environmental leaders around the world have made LEED the most widely used third-party verification for green buildings, with approximately 1.85 million square feet being certified daily. Additionally, data from USGBC’s 2015 Green Building Economic Impact Study show LEED construction is predicted to support 155,000 jobs in Massachusetts and will have a total impact on GDP of $13.6 billion from 2015 to 2018.

Overall, this ranking determines who is making significant strides in the areas of sustainable building design, construction and transformation. While Massachusetts is currently heading USGBC’s new Top 10 States for LEED, Colorado is listed in second place and Illinois not far behind in third. Below is a full list of USGBC’s top 10 states for LEED certification:

Top 10 States for LEED

1. Massachusetts
Number of LEED Projects: 136

2. Colorado
Number of LEED Projects: 92

3. Illinois
Number of LEED Projects: 151

4. New York
Number of LEED Projects: 211

5. California
Number of LEED Projects: 632

6. Nevada
Number of LEED Projects: 22

7. Maryland
Number of LEED Projects: 104

8. Virginia
Number of LEED Projects: 155

9. Washington
Number of LEED Projects: 105

10. Texas
Number of LEED Projects: 211

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