UGE To Supply Renewable Energy to Boston Firm

BOSTON — Boston Properties, a real-estate investment firm, hired New York-headquartered UGE International Ltd. (UGE) to design and supply a rooftop renewable energy system at its new headquarters in Boston. Upon completion, the new UGE headquarters will become city’s most sustainable office building.

Currently under construction, the 17-story, 425,000-square-foot building at 888 Boylston St. will use 45 percent less energy than an average office building of a similar size.

Looking to new energy-efficiency goals, Boston Properties plans to include GE wind turbines and a solar array to produce on-site energy. The turbines and solar array will produce clean, reliable energy to power all the exterior building and plaza lighting, and will make their sustainable mark as a prominent new addition to Boston’s skyline.

In addition, UGE has designed the system to the specific wind and solar conditions at the site in order to enhance efficiency and sustainability. The planned hybrid energy system is comprised of 14 UGE VisionAIR3 vertical axis wind turbines and a 130kW building-integrated solar array.

“UGE is thrilled to bring our deep expertise in innovative system design and renewable energy integration to one of Boston’s most iconic locations,” said Ryan Gilchrist, assistant director of business development for UGE, in a statement. “We are excited to collaborate with Boston Properties, along with the entire team of project consultants and architects, to power a green future for 888 Boylston, paving the way for Boston to harness its abundant solar and wind resources.”

Further using resources, the proposed energy system includes on-site renewable energy LEED credits for the building. These credits are designed to achieve LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

“Our goal is not only to drastically reduce the building’s energy consumption, but to make a bold statement about the future of urban energy that resonates with Boston residents and visitors,” said Bryan Koop, senior vice president and regional manager for Boston Properties, in a statement.

UGE and Boston Properties expect the installation of this renewable energy system by the end of 2015. However, plans to open the building are not scheduled until summer 2016.

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