California Arrow Awards Taking Nominations

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California Product Stewardship Council announced they are taking nominations for the annual Arrow Awards, which recognize business and industry leaders for outstanding leadership, innovation and partnerships in product stewardship and green design.  

The nominations are open to any business entity, division or facility located in California, as well as third party stewardship organizations and non-profits.
The nomination period is open until July 4 and includes a grand prize category for overall excellence in product stewardship, an award for system and design innovations, a coalition building award and one for service and take-back.
The panel of judges includes members of business, industry and elected officials, according to the council.
This year’s awards presentation will take place at the California Resource Recovery Association’s Annual Conference on August 2 in San Diego.
The awards are funded by a grant from the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery to the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority to develop the program.
“Product stewardship is a policy approach that places a shared responsibility for end-of-life product management on producers and all entities involved in the product chain, instead of solely being a local government responsibility, the costs of which are passed on to the taxpayers and ratepayers,” said Kevin Hendrick, a board member of both the authority and the council.
Applications are available at: California Stewardship Arrow Awards <>  or <> .  

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