Benjamin Moore, Constellation Near Completion of 8,600-panel Solar Project

FLANDERS, N.J. — Benjamin Moore and Constellation Energy are nearing completion of a new solar power system that Constellation is installing on Benjamin Moore’s product development center in Flanders, N.J. The system is slated to begin electricity production in late December.
8,600 crystalline photovoltaic solar panels will generate 1.7 megawatts of electricity — enough to meet 68 percent of the 80,000-square foot facility’s electricity needs. The installation will become one of New Jersey’s largest on-site solar power systems.
Benjamin Moore and Constellation Energy say they are currently looking at additional energy savings measures in a bid to reduce the facility’s electricity needs enough so that the panels will be capable of generating all of its electricity.
The facility’s parking structure will feature recharging stations for electric cars.
Under the 20-year contract signed by the two companies, Benjamin Moore will purchase all the electricity generated by Constellation’s on-site panels, and Constellation will build, maintain and own the panel system.
The installation’s open space and water drainage features required state authorities to amend the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act of 2004, which previously legislated requirements on open space and water drainage that needed to be met by new building projects in the New Jersey Highlands region of the state.

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